Are you fed-up with your daily routine? Today, in this blog we are going to explain a single solution for all the ailments. This will change your mood and you will feel pleasure after having this. We are talking about sex here. Now, we are going to explain the 11 reasons that why you and your partner needs to have sex on a routine basis.

  1. Sex reduces mental and physical pressure

If you are dead tired with your work at the workplace and need some rest and relax, then nothing is better than having sex with your partner. It will reduce your physical and mental pressure. Various elements produced during the sex like oxytocin, dopamine and endorphins decrease the stress level and rejuvenates your body alltogether.

  1. It is an amusing exercise

Sex is no doubt an amusing exercise, which not only burns your body calories but also involves a physical workout. Various physiological changes while having sex are analogous to the routine exercises done at the gym or at other fitness centers. You will be surprised to know that having sex three times a week will burn as many calories as you would burn by running 70-80 miles.

  1. It helps in improving your immune system

According to the recent study done by the University of Wikes, students who have done sex more than twice a week have a better immune system than those who had not done even a single time. The level of antibodies produced in the former one is comparatively higher than that of latter one. The most common antigens like immunoglobulin A released to fight against cold and Flu-like conditions. More and more sex will increase the level of antigens and you will stay healthy forever.

  1. Sex reduces your blood pressure

Some of the sex positions also help in decreasing your blood pressure up to some extent. A recent study by the paisley university revealed that sex helps in reducing the diastolic blood pressure.

  1. Sex keeps your heart healthy

When your body burn some calories, then it will definitely help in strengthening the health of your heart. Researchers have found out that men, who engage themselves in sexual activity are less susceptible to cardiovascular disease.

  1. Sex helps in lowering pain

If you are suffering from any pain or aches like Migraines, then nothing can cure faster than sex. A study conducted by Dr. George revealed that patients who have sex regularly experience less pain than that of their counterparts.

  1. It ensures regular period

Any stress at your workplace affects the period routine. As we have stated above that sex reduces the stress level, so having a sex will ensure your menstrual cycle.

  1. Sex strengthens the pelvic muscles

Sex helps in strengthening your pelvic muscles. You must be thinking how it is possible. We want to explain to you that workout is done during the sex help in increasing the strength of your pelvic muscles, which in turn expedite the orgasm.

  1. It reduces the risk of cancer

In men, the chances of getting cancer reduce with the regular sex. According to the latest study by American association, it was observed that men who have done sex more than 20 times in a month are less susceptible to suffer prostate cancer.

  1. You can sleep well after sex

Sex increases the heart beats which further results in pleasure or we can say restoration. If a male has sex with his partner, then the ejaculation leads to laziness, which makes him feel sleepy.