Sexual Health Clinic

Dating new people can be tiring in many ways. Putting yourself out, meeting them and getting a chance of going to be rejected are some of the things to deal with.

Earlier, websites such as e-harmony and had monopoly in dating community. Recently, more and more apps are coming up giving tough competition to veteran members of this niche. Success and failure of an app also depends upon number of members and success rate of date.

Tinder has been one of the successful ventures in dating. Tinder has not only attracted young generation, but people over 40 years of age also use tinder for dating purposes. However, a study has surfaces some alarming facts about tinder users.

Approximately 33% of the tinder users never had a chance to visit a health clinic for sexual check-up purposes. These 33% or 1/3rd users of tinder never got themselves checked for any STI. The study also concluded that 3/5th of the people included in it did not even knew signs of STIs.

Around two grand tinder users were enrolled for survey so that there is no issue related to polling. When asked if they had any kind of STI in their life, 1/4th of the survey participants responded affirmatively and around 2 out of five candidates said they did not knew.

Definitely they did not know because when asked, they said that as they did not visit any sexual health clinic, they did not know if they had any kind of sexually transmitted infection. The biggest alarm of all, around 7/10th of total 2000 surveyed members claimed they “always” did not use protection.

7 out of 10 people had taken their chances with STIs. Moreover 65% said they seldom had a chance when they wore any kind of protection. This survey was constituted by . Stephen Walne, who is the spokesperson for Pharmica said that tinder and these apps have given chance to those who are potentially dating material but are low on confidence to ask someone out. It has also saved time.

However he also said that among all the participants, there was a significant amount of participants who did not use protection or did not get themselves checked for STIs.  Sexual health is surely an important aspect of our life and it is shocking how much it is neglected.

He also advised that no doubt everyone who comes for a date looks clean. However whatever they are carrying as hosts is not in front of our eyes. It is very important to use protection and getting ourselves checked for STIs.