Female Health

What Is Vaginal Dryness And What Is Its Treatment?

Vaginal dryness is a condition that usually occurs after menopause. Women in between the age of 51-60 years are the ones who get affected by this problem. Vaginal dryness is a common problem, which can happen to any woman, so there is no need to feel worried and hit the panic button. This is...

Is It Safe To Have Sex During Pregnancy: What’s Right Or Wrong

In this blog post we will discuss in detail about the sex during pregnancy. What you have to do or not to during while having sex during pregnancy. The answers for such questions are discussed below. How Much Is It Safer To Have Sex During The Pregnancy? Here we want to tell you that if everything...

What Are The Various Common Signs Of Pregnancy?

Motherhood is the best experience of life. It feels awesome to be a mother of a little baby that is the most important part of your entire life. It is a feeling that only a mother can have and it is totally inexpressible. Apart from this, as women, you must keep few things in...

Signs When Masturbating Is Becoming Harmful For You

How many times you masturbate during a day or you do it weekly or monthly. You almost have a preset figure in your head when you are sitting idle or want to spend your free time enjoyably.In this blog we will tell you about the signs and symptoms in a person who masturbates too...

Top 8 Yoga Positions To Have Better Sex

What’s the similarity between sex and yoga? Well, there are a plenty of things similar in between the two. Sex provides a person with an ultimate mind-body relaxation and so does the yoga. Both of them offer great workout and are also a wonderful stress reliever. Yoga also enhances flexibility in the body, improve...

STDs And Infertility In Men And Women

Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) are the contagious diseases that are transmitted from a partner to a partner while having sexual intercourse. These diseases are mainly the consequences of unsafe sex with partner. It’s a global problem. Most common forms of STD’s that can be seen around the world are gonorrhea, hepatitis A, syphilis, herpes,...

Tips To Have A Great First Time Sex

Sex is one part of your life, where it doesn’t matter how much experienced you are, you can still miss out on having a spectacular sex. The feeling of first-time sex can be one of the most amazing feeling for anybody. There is a sense of curiosity and excitement among both men and women...

You Might Be Wearing The Wrong Size Condom

Condoms are simplest and fastest ways to keep yourself from happening any sexually transmitted disease or transmitted infections. It is also an able method for prevention of unwanted pregnancy. Condoms are regularly recommended by non-government organizations so as to put an end to the life threatening transmitted diseases like AIDS. These NGO’s also aimed to...

Effects Of Circumcision On Your Sexual Health

Circumcision is a process of cutting a portion of the reproductive organ to enhance its capability of reproduction. Circumcision is done by both men and women, but the parts that are removed are not same. In men, the circumcision means cutting the foreskin from the penis partially or fully. There could be a number...

Best Sex Positions To Have A Great Sexual Pleasure

Are you not having fun during sex? This is the worst thing that can happen to anyone because sex in itself is the most pleasurable thing for a human being. This fact may be argumentative, but being satisfied physically does come at the top for many people. By many, I mean billions and billions...


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