Male Health

What Are The Common Problems Related To Testicles?

A man’s reproductive system consists of two parts, penis and testicles. Where we all have a good amount of information regarding penis, things about testicles are yet to be discussed in detail, especially the problems. But, let’s just first know what testicles are. There are two oval shaped organs present right behind penis, which...

Possible Causes Of Pain In The Penis

We will discuss the possible causes of pain in the penis in today’s blog post. There are certain reasons that we are going to discuss in this blog post. The pain in the penis generally involves internal or external pain and discomfort to the penis. If you are also suffering from the aches and pains...

What Are Testicles Lumps And How They Are Caused?

This blog is about the awareness regarding a disease called Testicle Lumps. These are the irregular masses that are formed inside the testicles. Testicles are the oval shaped male reproductive organs that are located beneath the penis. These are responsible for the formation of sperms and testosterone. These kinds of lumps are caused due to...

How To Increase Your Sperm Count?

The biggest trouble for couples who want to have babies is the lack of fertility. Sometimes, women are sterile and sometimes, men are found impotent. But, there are many occasions where the problem of not being able to produce off-springs is due to the low sperm count in males. I would like to mention...

What Do The Spots On The Penis Mean?

There are different spots you might notice on your penis. We will discuss about it in this blog post. These all spots are hardly any signs of serious threats but these may sometime frightens the individual. In this case, it would be better to consult the doctor specialist in genitourinary medicine. The clinic for...

Signs When Masturbating Is Becoming Harmful For You

How many times you masturbate during a day or you do it weekly or monthly. You almost have a preset figure in your head when you are sitting idle or want to spend your free time enjoyably.In this blog we will tell you about the signs and symptoms in a person who masturbates too...

Five Effective Ways To Boost Your Manpower

A shortage of testosterone in men can even put him in danger or cost his life. Falling muscle mass, sex drive and bone density due to low testosterone levels is not too risky but as per new research done by the researchers, it has been found out that decrease in the level of testosterone...

Top 8 Yoga Positions To Have Better Sex

What’s the similarity between sex and yoga? Well, there are a plenty of things similar in between the two. Sex provides a person with an ultimate mind-body relaxation and so does the yoga. Both of them offer great workout and are also a wonderful stress reliever. Yoga also enhances flexibility in the body, improve...

STDs And Infertility In Men And Women

Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) are the contagious diseases that are transmitted from a partner to a partner while having sexual intercourse. These diseases are mainly the consequences of unsafe sex with partner. It’s a global problem. Most common forms of STD’s that can be seen around the world are gonorrhea, hepatitis A, syphilis, herpes,...

Tips To Have A Great First Time Sex

Sex is one part of your life, where it doesn’t matter how much experienced you are, you can still miss out on having a spectacular sex. The feeling of first-time sex can be one of the most amazing feeling for anybody. There is a sense of curiosity and excitement among both men and women...


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