Top Ten Condoms Used In The US

In the past, condoms were not so comfortable to use as they were very thick and sometimes people feared of being injury to their private parts. The rubber material used in earlier condoms also smells bad that displease so many people. Now it’s a time to appreciate the technology that brings to us an advanced and...

STDs And Methods To Prevent Them

STDs And Methods To Prevent Them
STDs or sexually transmitted diseases, which were once rare to be attained are now as common as cold. It is not because everyone is fooling around with multiple partners, there are several other factors which have been incorporated. Chances are that even if one of your ancestors had it, you have attained it in...

How To Put A Condom On?

How to put a condom
Condom is one of the safest and most easily accessible mode of sexual safety. The ease of usage combined with its cheapness and encouragement to use it has made it an analogical mode for safe sex. Condom has a lot of types, sizes and brands and one can choose once they start to use...

Oral Sex And Its Biggest Myths

Oral Sex
Most of the times, people who are very vocal about sex do not speak when it comes to oral sex. Oral sex is always kept in the dark. However experts say that this silence is ultimately harming those who are taking it in the wrong way. Many people believe that oral stimulation is a full...


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