Sex & Women

Tips To Have A Great First Time Sex

Sex is one part of your life, where it doesn’t matter how much experienced you are, you can still miss out on having a spectacular sex. The feeling of first-time sex can be one of the most amazing feeling for anybody. There is a sense of curiosity and excitement among both men and women...

Top 10 Tips About Female Orgasm

Orgasm is a term that is used for women. When a woman is sexually satisfied after the sexual intercourse, then it is called that she has reached orgasm. But, making a woman reach orgasm is a tough task for men. It takes a lot of effort and special techniques, since every woman has her...

Does Penis Size Matter To Women?

Men are very concerned about their penis, especially its size. There is no denial to the fact that for most men, the size of the penis does matter. But, I would also like to mention that it isn’t the men who are bothered about the size of the penis, but women as well. But, why...

What Is G-Spot? How To Find It?

Many people are not even sure if G-Spot exists for real. Well, the concept of G-Spot is really there and in order to please a woman, it is important for a man to find it. The topic as to what is G-Spot and where can it be found exists for the past 20 years, and...

Effect Of Medicines And Nutrition On The Sexual Health

Sexual Health
At this time of generation, an average human’s body is capable of performing sexual activities to an extent they desire. Still there are many cases where degradation in sexual performance is seen. It is not related to body as much as brain. Our mental activity also decides our sexual performance. In a research conducted,...

STDs And Methods To Prevent Them

STDs And Methods To Prevent Them
STDs or sexually transmitted diseases, which were once rare to be attained are now as common as cold. It is not because everyone is fooling around with multiple partners, there are several other factors which have been incorporated. Chances are that even if one of your ancestors had it, you have attained it in...

Fantasising Celebrities While Masturbating: Top 20

May has been celebrated as international sex month. Taking an initiative, sex toy company We-Vibe organized a polling event to check out users masturbating habits and to know what their fantasies while masturbating are. Here are top 20 celebrities to which users masturbate as told by 1000 participating men and women. Out of 1000 people included...


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