Contraception & Pregnancy

This section contains information about how to prevent an unplanned pregnancy, what choices you have if you get pregnant.

The use of hormones, devices or surgery to prevent a woman from becoming pregnant is termed as Contraception.

It allows women to choose when and if they want to have a baby. If a woman wish to prevent an unplanned pregnancy, then contraception must be used from the very first time you have sex until the menopause.

contraception and pregnancy

The male condom is the only type of contraception that also protects men and women from sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s).

If you suspect that you are pregnant or have taken a home pregnancy test that confirms you are pregnant, then you need to decide as soon as possible what to do next.

If you’re planning to get pregnant, it’s a good idea to visit your local contraception/sexual health clinic to find out how you can keep you and your unborn baby as healthy as possible.