Men want to have stronger erections, but only a few percentage of men are able to get the desired erection, which is a shame. A man with stronger erection signifies that he is strong and roaring to go. But, after a certain age, the level of erection deteriorates, and there is a bigger role of masturbation in below-average erections.

With the advancement in the technology, men can now get stronger erections if they follow certain strategies, which we are also going to discuss in our blog post.

Strategy 1: Avoid things that shrink penis

If you love to bum a smoke, then you yourself are letting your penis to shrink. People who smoke on a regular basis are the ones who suffer from sexual issues like impotency. The size of the penis becomes significantly smaller as compared to the non-smokers. This is not just based upon studies, but there are visual evidences as well, which shows the same. The blood vessels and the penile tissue get damaged, plus the elasticity becomes lesser as well. So, it is hard to get erection.

Strategy 2: Get a Vasectomy                    

If your female partner has just delivered a baby (like a week ago or so), then you have to make some permanent renovations in the sperm factory of yours. Many men get anxious thinking about contraceptive failure

Anxiety is not good for male sexual health, and it affects erection as well. Men who experience sudden changes in their moods when they are about to have sex is because of anxiety only. If the vasectomy is properly performed, then it has a staggering effectiveness rate of 99.9%.

Strategy 3: Ignite that spark in your better-half

If your sex life has been going like Dallas Cowboys, then you need to do every possible thing to get the action back in the bed. If you are having any extra-marital affairs or dating two or more girls (including your real girlfriend, then you will not be able to get erections. You have to make your wife participate in your sex life, if you have started any new. It is pretty much obvious that you are going to feel a bit guilty when you’re with your lady, and then, you will become anxious. There is no need to mention that what happens when men are anxious; their erection is gone.

Strategy 4: Lose your tier

If you can’t live without burgers, steaks, fries and soda, then be prepared to see the size of your penis getting shorter with erectile dysfunction. Diabetes is the biggest enemy of a man’s sexual life, so you have to do every possible thing to ensure that you don’t have tiers of fat accumulating around your belly. There is one shocking figure that states that half of the men who suffer from diabetes are impotent. Diabetes affects penis like no other thing, and the transmission of stimuli also get slowed down in the entire body, thus making your penis numb.

Strategy 5: Don’t run into hard objects

If you have a habit of sticking your penis into hard objects, then stop doing it. If you like ‘woman on top’ position, then you have to be careful as that’s the position, which can break the penis and will require surgery. You don’t want your penis to undergo knife, do you? So, just stop running into hard objects.

Strategy 6: Walk whenever possible

If you feel more heat in summers and more chill in winters, then stop behaving like that. Instead of taking a taxi to a place that is just a couple of miles away from your current location, walk the distance. Men who walk two miles a day are 50% less susceptible to erection problems than those who don’t walk at all.

Strategy 7: Attending a boring meeting, yawn as much as you like

When you yawn, then nitric oxide is released in the brain, and nitric oxide is the chemical that gets released at the time of erection. But, yawning should not be big, as that could cause tremor in your penile region.

Strategy 8: Fall asleep after climax

Once you ejaculate in the vagina or anus of your female partner, you should not indulge in long talks, instead, go to sleep in order to sustain your ability to have erections. If you are able to get erections for a long duration of time, then you can prolong your sexual life.