Healthy Snacks

Dealing with all the problems of studies or job, if you have a kid then his restlessness and work pressure is what we go through. Apart from that giving time to your family or girlfriend also becomes difficult. In all these problems, thinking about snacks, diet and food is normally least concern of all. We eat what we get easily and quickly neglecting the nutritional value itself but keeping up with classpass membership is more important for us.

In the world of surveys, one very weird but very important survey result has come up. A survey by snacking firm Cello Whisps says that what we eat is how we perform in bed. A direct proportionality has been found out.

The survey included exactly a grand of women. As their hormones are more complex, they were suitable candidates for the survey. About 3 out of 10 or 30% off them believed that after having their snack, they feel less sexy.  This means that their diet is reducing their inclination towards sex. What more shocking was about 70% of the women judge themselves after grabbing a quick bite, definitely not sexy.

When asked about healthy snacking and detox days, there were many positive responses. Women claimed that on detox days or when they take whole food healthy snack, they feel keener and inclined towards sex later on.

If you were not convinced enough to eat healthy because you could stay longer or illness free, this might be your reason now to eat healthy. The relation and direct proportionality between eating healthy and sex has been found.