Male sexual health has been depleting on a continuous graphical curve from stone-age to modern age. The result is erectile dysfunctions and small penis as Darwin theory says, due to heredity because of years of sexual issues. As we have migrated from physical means of earning our bread to mental means, the white collar job and office life seems very lucrative but has much more impact on our life than physical jobs. Office job ultimately leads to stress hence resulting in low secretion of endorphin, the happiness hormone and in result it leads to low blood pressure and testosterone levels. That is why male sexual health is depleting.

Secondly, as monogamy is “out of trend” now for most of the population, it has made multiple partners as catalyst to spread viruses.  As partners change frequently, it results in in vigilance towards our sexual health and STDs transfer.  Hence, there is a very low percentage of those who have not been diagnosed with a single STD in their life time. STDs basically bring a halt to sexual life as many of these take months of medication and years of precaution to be suppressed and cured.

Finally, for those who have not come in contact with any of these, there is work pressure and depression which kills all the libido. Libido is the sex drive or the urge to have sex. Women libido has been on a downfall from centuries and it is also happening in men now. A drop in mental activity eventually makes a man feel like sex is a mechanised activity resulting in loss in libido. When there is no thrill left to feel in mind, it is termed as loss in libido.

However, there are various methods by which male libido as well as sexual life can be improved. These methods focus on physical, mental and hormonal stimulation along with forming some ground rules to avoid getting caught by any STDS. For starters, we can try to eat better. A drastic shift in diet can make sexual life much better than you can anticipate. Adding Proteins and complex carbohydrates in our body will result in fat loss and muscle gain which results in loss of obesity even without any workout.

If there is no obesity, it will increase blood flow and low cholesterol levels will also relieve heart. Another way in which we can make our sexual life better is incorporating sports in our lives.  It not only makes us physically healthy but also results in venting out all the stress we are facing. Hence every night we go in bed without any stress and there will be no build up leading to snapping. It also builds confidence and character hence we can take better decisions at office and there will be further loss in stress.

The most important part of a healthy sexual life is avoiding STDs. Try to stick to monogamy. If you are switching between partners, always use a condom and do not rely on birth control pills. Always get yourself checked for STDs every six months. There are small signs of STDs like genital irritation and flu which must not be neglected. These are also followed by a peculiar pre-cum like liquid on tip of penis hence we must not ignore these symptoms. Always get yourself checked as well as your partner which will avoid transferring of STDs to and fro.

If you have got STD is heredity, a medical course will suppress your disease. It will also ensure that your STD does not transmit to your partner even if you do not use a protection.