How To Last Longer In Bed?

With time, we have become prone to stress. Stress is not like a physical injury which would be eradicated with a band aid or a medicine, it is like a viral illness which when finds its way inside us, affects us deeply. It attacks our nervous system, our brain and most importantly, the functioning mechanism of our body. When we take stress, our body goes into power saver mode. It reduces energy and oxygen supply to brain and peripheral parts of body and tries to power only vital organs of us.

It inhibits growth and results in gaining weight since body thinks that there is some sort of starvation. The most it affects is our sexual organs since during stress it thinks that there is no need of doing it. To be a better performer in bed, you have to get rid of stress and half of your issues will be resolved

Try getting some beauty sleep. It will not only act as a reset mechanism for the body, but will also relax your mind, release some endorphins, the happiness hormones and relieve you of stress. Try indulging in some physical activity to get rid of it.

Various factors:

Another factor which improves your performance in bed is proper diet and some super foods to recover from the damage which has been already done. While Viagra is a cheat machine to last longer, blueberries are the nature’s own Viagra. These are cheap and are readily available. These reduce and get rid of the cholesterol in an undigested and unprocessed manner so that it does not get deposited on you.

They also increase the blood flow and since a better blood flow means even blood pressure in all parts of the body, it gets you rid of the erectile dysfunction. Try to have as much nutritious food as you can and remove all the tension by various means. There are also some other ways to last longer in bed by including foreplay and other activities in between.

This would reduce the sexual heat in between, keep you in control and increase your time duration to last in bed. Yoga and pelvic exercises result in a uniform blood flow through our pelvis, hence not only ED will be resolved but you will also get a uniform and longer duration of erecting.

Addiction and smoking are the biggest reason of your male ego taking a nose dive hit. Try and quit smoking. Smoking secretes female hormone estrogenic which leads to feminine traits, hence loss of testosterone production and shorter bed time duration.

Blueberries are good for you since they have a lot of fibre. Fibre not only processes ingested cholesterol, but also the cholesterol which you are taking on daily basis. This will remove all the collected bad cholesterol from your body, help in better movement of blood since now heart has not to pump through cholesterol filled veins and results in a better blood pressure control.

If the crux of all this is seen, to last longer in bed, you must have no stress, no cholesterol excess and a proper diet. If this formulation is followed, there is no cheat sheet which is to be needed to last longer in bed. There is an utter load of crap over the internet related to thinking and super medicines, however most of them are just hoaxes to loot the in vigilant customers.

Apart from all this, to last longer in bed, there are some cheat sheets and tips which are available online on multiple resources which can be referred to. A collective effort to make ourselves healthy and stress free can only help us last longer in bed.