My Sexual Health

Sexual HealthAt ‘My sexual health’ pages, you’ll find information and support for a range of sexual health issues which may affect you.

Sex and sexuality can cause strong emotions and looking after your sexual health isn’t only about avoiding an STD or pregnancy, it’s also about feeling good and getting the most out of the relationships you choose to have.

Sometimes, help is required to cope with the aftermath of sex or a relationship which has been abusive or against a person’s will and as most abusers and perpetrators are known and trusted by the person abused, this can be extremely confusing and distressing.

Whatever the issue may be, you must find out facts and information for yourself and make up your own mind about what’s best for you. Never let some other person decide what’s right for you.

Your Rights

At any sexual health or contraception services, you have the right:

  • To a confidential service
  • To book and attend an appointment without a parent or a guardian
  • To be listened to and treated with respect
  • Not to be humiliated, discriminated or judged
  • To let your friend or partner accompany you
  • To privacy, no need to discuss details in open areas
  • To request whether you need a male or a female staff member to discuss your issues
  • To compliment, complain or give them a feedback

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