Young People

Are You Under 18?

We hope that if you attend any sexual health clinic or a contraception services, you will have the right:

  • To a confidential service
  • To be treated with respect
  • Not to be judged
  • Not to be discriminated against
  • Not to be humiliated
  • To book and attend an appointment without a parent or a guardian
  • To request whether you are seen by a male or female member of staff (your request will be accommodated wherever possible)
  • To bring a partner or a friend for a support

Young PeopleThere are various laws to protect people under the age of 18.

As sex is illegal under the age of 16, it is important to make sure that you are playing safe by not putting your sexual health at risk.

Many young people under the age of 16 don’t have sex but many people who have had sex before the age of 16, say that they regret it.

Not everyone is sure about their sexuality and feelings may change a lot as you develop.

What About Confidentiality?

You are authorized to confidential health care no matter if you are under 18 or above 18. It means that the information won’t be passed on to anyone else with seeking your permission.

The only exception is that when there are some serious concerns about someone’s health or safety.

If you are under 16 and having sex, you will be asked to talk to your parents or guardians.

Having sex with someone under the age of 13 is a serious cause for concern, and is legally considered to be ‘statutory rape’.

Therefore there are strict child protection guidelines that have to be followed when you attend any sexual health or contraception services.