We will discuss the possible causes of pain in the penis in today’s blog post. There are certain reasons that we are going to discuss in this blog post.

The pain in the penis generally involves internal or external pain and discomfort to the penis. If you are also suffering from the aches and pains in the penis then consult the urologist. This pain may be during the sexual activity or at other time. If the pain is severe and continuous then you must go to see the doctor that what the problem actually is.

The most common causes of pain in the penis are discusses below. You must read them carefully as these are helpful for you if you are also having pain or you will get knowledge about it if you are not having pain.

Peyronie’s disease

The foremost and the chief cause of penis pain is the Peyronie disease. This means that the curvature of your penis is abnormal. It is not like the others that have normal curvature. Scar tissue in the tunica. The tunica is responsible for three layers that provides rigidity, flexibility and strength to the penis. The collagen layer that is elastic in nature is normally absent in this disease. This has been researched by the Urologist MD Ryan Berglund.

Whenever you start sexual intercourse then this disease leads to erectile dysfunction and painful sex. It has been found that even some men reported a snap in the penis before erection.

1 out of every 12 men is affected with the Peyronie disease. The exact causes of this disease are still at large. It becomes difficult for 1 to 2% cases of this disease that they would not able to have sexual intercourse. The therapy is suggested by the doctors in this severe cases.

In some cases the surgery is the only treatment left behind as a solution. Cut at the edge or inside the penis is the option left with the doctors to treat the patients of such disease.

This disease has relation with the age also. You will find it more in the men of age group 40 and above as said by the Dr.Berglund.

Penile fractures

This is not the common cause of pain. Penile fractures occur during the erection. When you try to blow the penis for erection then the penile fracture commonly occurs. This breaks the lining of two cylinders within the penis that are important for erection.

The symptoms of this fracture is pain and popping sound while erection. The swelling may occur with the dark bruising of penis. You have to consult the doctor immediately if you get the same signs and symptoms.

Other causes of pain in the penis

Disorder in skin like lichen sclerosus are the other reason of pain in the penis. The signs and symptoms of this condition are white bumps with shinny surface. The bumps further grow into larger patches with the course of time. The skin get pucker and thin around the patches. The skin can be easily removed from the area effected. Bright red and purple bruises normally happen.

The lichen sclerosus results in inflammation that causes pain while urinating and create anatomic problems with the penis. There are no signs and symptoms that can be seen earlier in this disease. Aged person are more prone to this problem.

Phimosis is another condition developed in some men. In this case the foreskin does not fully take back. The surgery is common treatment for such condition. Older men are more susceptible to this phimosis condition.

Uncircumcised men can notice hard lesson around the penis. This condition is least seen in the US country as compared to other parts of the world. Penile cancer treatment is also in pipeline by some researchers.