Are you? Especially woman is ignoring a pain while having sex with your partners just to feel the temptation? If yes, then it can be your big mistake. Don’t take it as easy as you think. You must consult your sexual health expert if you experience any pain during sex.

Now we are going to discuss the 6 reasons behind this pain along with their suitable solutions.

  1. Lack of Lube

If the slippery is not sufficient, then penetration may be painful and you will feel pain after 5-6 minutes, once your brain responds to it. According to Herbenick, Other factors like warm showers and baths before sex makes the vaginal secretions dry as a result you could not have sex flawlessly. Another birth control pills also affect the vaginal tissues and help in making the secretions dry.

Solution: Make sure to keep a lubricating tube along with you before indulging in a sexual activity otherwise, you will feel disturbed in the middle of the action.

  1. Stress And Tension

 You have certain things to accomplish in a single day and you take the same worries to the bed along with yourself. We want to mention here that relaxation is important while having sex. You should feel ready for such activity.

Solution: According to the herbenick, you must de-stress first from the routine job by taking lemongrass massage oil smell. You can also try Yoga or meditation to remove stress from your mind. Meditation has been proved the best way to reduce mental stresses by FDA even.

  1. Tight Squeeze

For some people, genital fit also causes a pain. It means, your partner has extra-large and you have much petite.

Solution: lubrication may help in most of the cases. But in some conditions, if the penis is touching the cervix, then according to herbenick, it is better to change the current sex position so as to feel comfort and joy. Sometimes, women feel reluctant to disclose their feeling of in-comfortability with the sex position so, it is advisable to always keep a woman on top and yourself below her body. This is the best position to have sex without pain.

  1. Genital Infections

 Infections like genital herpes, yeast infections, and trichomoniasis may cause pain during sex and make you feel uncomfortable. Women, who are unaware of such infection may develop changes in their vagina or at the vulva. This again contributes to pain.