Alcohol and Drugs

It’s obvious that excess of alcohol and drugs affect your sexual health and wellbeing.

If you are badly drunk or under the influence of drugs, then you might not be able to orgasm.

Unprotected Sex

Alcohol and drugs lower our inhibitions. Having consumed alcohol means we might not even think about using a condom, and then the risk of getting an STD is higher.

Playing It Safe

While under the influence of alcohol or drugs, if we try to put on a condom, then there are chances that we might damage it or might not wear it properly. They get weakened and torn by fingernails, fail to get unrolled properly and we can forget to squeeze the air out of the teat first. All of these things can cause condoms to break, burst or slip off during sex. These things can cause condoms to break, burst or slip off during sex.

Drink numbs sensation in both men and women. So even if worn properly, its longer use may also fail.

Women who have sex with women should remember to get out the dental dams, use fresh condoms when you swap over if using any toys, and wash your hands before touching your genitals if you’ve been touching your partner’s and vice versa.

Unwanted Sex And Regret

Alcohol and drugs impair our judgement may lead to doing something we will regret the next day. You put yourself at risk of ruining a good friendship or waking up next to a total stranger unable to remember what happened.


If you are raped or sexually abused, then it is never your fault. But getting drunk can make you more vulnerable to abuse and might put you into a dangerous situation where you could come to harm.

Poor Sexual Performance

Alcohol and drugs like cocaine, heroin and sedatives numb the nerve cells in our sex organs, making it very difficult to reach orgasm. They can also make us clumsier and that can result in unsatisfying sex. And of course, it can also stop guys from getting and keeping an erection and stop women from producing enough natural lubrication for safe, pain-free sex.


Using many street drugs and drinking alcohol lowers sperm counts in men and can make it more difficult for women to get pregnant. A young woman who drinks a lot can find her periods stop altogether.

Shrunken Genitals

Excessive drinking over prolonged periods can shrink external genitals in both men and women.

Relationship Problems

Good sex comes with healthy and loving relationship. If either or both of you drinks heavily, the stress that this will put on your relationship will start to tell in the bedroom as well as elsewhere.

The fact is that drink and many drugs make us emotionally less sensitive as well as physically clumsy. Moreover, time spent in boozing and taking drugs and recovering from their after-effects will mean less time doing other, more positive and important things together, like talking and sharing feelings.