Holiday Sex And Flings

Holidays offer the chance to meet new people and maybe to have sex with them or to get closer to someone you already know.

Holiday SexAs alcohol is a major part of your holidays and there are also high rates of sexual diseases in some destinations, you need to be extra careful.

Where Are The Condoms?

Finding a reliable pharmacy at a new place to purchase condoms is difficult.

You must be prepared for whatever you might get up to and, before you go, stock up on condoms and other sex essentials. If you have to buy condoms when you are abroad always make sure you buy the branded ones to ensure they are safe.

Leaving a condom out in sun will damage it. So you must store it in a cool dry place and must be careful of sun cream, baby-lotion and other oil based products that can damage the condom. Make sure you wash your hands between rubbing on the sun lotion and handling a condom.

Always Play Safe

Holidays are about leaving your day-do-day worries behind and enjoying your life. But it doesn’t mean you can forget about practicing safer sex.

Some sexually transmitted diseases are widely spread around the world. Most new cases of HIV infection among heterosexuals are caught while abroad.

Always use a condom while having sex because you can’t by just by looking at a person if they are suffering from any STD or HIV.

To know the risks and how to reduce them – check our section on safer sex alternatives.

And remember that sickness or diarrhoea can make the contraceptive pill less effective, and so can some medicines, including anti-malaria drugs. In order to avoid pregnancy or any other STD, always use a condom.

What If Things Go Wrong?

Not all sexually transmitted diseases have same symptoms. If you think you are having symptoms and want to know more, visit a sexual health clinic.