What Is Syphilis? What Causes It And How Can It Be Cured?

SyphilisSyphilis is one of many Sexually Transmitted Diseases that if not treated appropriately can result in long-term complications. There are four stages in which syphilis are categorized, these are; primary, secondary, latent and late syphilis. Where it is easy to get rid of the disease in the primary stage, it starts getting difficult as the disease goes into next stages.

How’s syphilis transmitted?

Like the majority of STDs, syphilis is also transmitted when an infected person indulges in a vaginal sex, oral sex or anal sex with someone. The sores can be seen in the vagina, penis, rectum, anus or the lips and mouth. Even a foetus is not safe from this disease.

How syphilis affect the body?

There are so many symptoms of syphilis. People get confused after seeing some symptoms because of their similarities with symptoms caused by other infections. At first, a person will see a painless sore, which is followed by body rashes on palms and soles. Sometimes, the eyes are also affected due to syphilis causing a permanent blindness.

Reducing the chance of getting syphilis

Avoid oral, anal and/or vaginal sex in order to stay protected against syphilis. Don’t indulge in sexual intercourse with too many partners, but just stick to one, which you know is clean. Moreover, use protection while having sex such as condoms.

Who has the chances of getting syphilis?

A person with highly active sexual life is prone to STDs such as syphilis. Having unprotected sex all the time can cause syphilis. If a person doesn’t want to slow down his/her sexual life, then it is better to regularly check for any STDs or HIV infection

Is syphilis going to affect an unborn child?

A pregnant woman who is suffering from syphilis will pass the disease to her unborn baby. As a result, the weight of the baby will be lesser than the normal babies. Moreover, the day of delivery will also be much earlier than normal.

It’s not necessary that the baby is born with the signs and/or symptoms of the disease, so assuming that the disease hasn’t affected the baby would a disastrous thing. Immediate treatment should be given because the disease will start showing its effects in a matter of a few days and then, the baby could be in a mortal danger.

Four stages of Syphilis

1. Primary Stage: In the first stage, there will be multiple sores on the body. The sores are painless and could last from 3 to 6 weeks. Get the treatment in this stage to avoid complications later on.

2. Secondary Stage: There will be rashes on the skin and sores in the reproductive organs and mouth. The rashes will occur on the palms and soles. You may have fever, sore throat, weight loss, swollen lymph glands, tiredness and headaches. A proper treatment can shoo away the disease, but if no treatment is taken, then the infection moves onto the latent stage.

3. Latent & Late stages: If the infection has not been treated in the 2nd stage, then it will become more severe and could also last for about 10-30 years. You could experience paralysis, blindness, numbness and dementia in the body. Internal organs of the body could also be damaged, resulting in death.

How a doctor detects if a person has syphilis?

A blood test is sufficient to determine the infection. A sample of the fluid is taken from the syphilis sore to diagnose the infection.

How to cure syphilis?

If a person takes the right medication that is prescribed the doctor, then he/she can get rid of this infection. But, if there is any damage done by syphilis, then that won’t be recovered in the treatment.