What Is Trichomoniasis? How It Occurs And What’s The Treatment?

TrichomoniasisTrichomoniasis (or “trich”) is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases, which occurs when Trichomonas Vaginalis, which is a protozoan parasite enters the body. The symptoms of this disease differ in men and women, and it is not easy to tell if a person is infected from Trichomoniasis.

Is trichomoniasis a common disease?

Yes, it is quite common in the world. If we take the US only, then there are about 4 million people who suffer from this disease, but not more than 30% develop any symptoms, which clearly indicates that this disease is not that severe and can be easily cured. It occurs more in women than in men. IN women, younger women are the ones who are more prone to this disease.

How do people come across trichomoniasis?

To get Trichomoniasis, a person has to indulge in a physical relationship (sex) with an infected person. In women, it is the lower part of their body that acts as the opening for this disease to get in. Vagina, vulva and urethra are three organs that let trichomoniasis inside the body. Whereas in men, the only organ where this disease can hit is the penis. If a man is infected with this disease, then he will transfer it to the women as soon as he inserts his penis into the vagina of the woman. Then, the chain reaction starts engulfing other people as well who indulge in sexual intercourse with those two people separately. It is not spread by anal sex or by hands or mouth. Factors like a person’s age and health play a crucial role in determining whether there would be any symptoms or not.

Trichomoniasis: Signs and Symptoms

You will not find any signs and/or symptoms in about 70% of the trichomoniasis cases. If there are any symptoms, then it has to be in the form of itching, irritation to harsh inflammation. The symptoms won’t take much time to become visible on the body, so if anybody has trichomoniasis, then the symptoms will arise with a week to a month.

In women, the symptoms are itching, sore genitals, burning sensation and redness, and discomfort while urinating. Foul smell is also considered as a symptom of this disease. In men, the symptoms are irritation inside the urethra (penis), burning sensation after ejaculation or urination and thin discharge from the urethra.

Indulging in a sexual intercourse become more of a punishment than an exciting task. If no treatment is taken, then the infection will sustain for several months to several years.


The chances of getting other STDs become more because the trichomoniasis will cause inflammation in the genital area, thus paving the way for the HIV virus to get inside the body. HIV is a severe disease with no concrete cure.

Does Trichomoniasis affect the baby of a pregnant woman?

Yes, it does. Preterm delivery is the main issue that arises if a pregnant woman is suffering from trichomoniasis. The weight of the baby will also be lesser than the weight of a normal baby, i.e., less than 5.5 lbs.

Diagnosis and treatment

As there are not proper symptoms, so it is hard to diagnose anyone who is doubted to suffer from this disease. Certain laboratory tests can be done, but it is not sure whether the outcome would be clear.

As far as the treatment of trichomoniasis is concerned, there is a medicine named Tinidazole or Metronidazole, which can be taken to cure this disease in a single dose. It is important for people to know that drinking alcohol within a day after taking either of the above-mentioned medicines can lead to certain side-effects. If anybody has suffered from this disease in the past can get it again. As per the reports, one out of five people who undergo the treatment to get rid of this disease have gotten infected again. It is important that all the sex partners are treated with the medication so that the recurrence of the disease doesn’t take place.


Use latex condoms while having sex, or if possible, avoid having sex in order to have any STD including Trichomoniasis.