The semen is a white fluid that is generated by the sexual glands called gonads in the human body. It contains spermatozoa and other enzymes, which helps the sperm to survive fertilization. Semen is processed in seminal vesicle, which is located in the pelvis and it is discharged during the process of ejaculation. Ejaculation occurs during sexual stimulation and it is controlled by our nervous system. Sperm passes through the ejaculatory ducts and mix with the fluid in seminal vesicle, prostrate and bulbourethral to make the semen. It is made up of protein, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, chlorine, citric acid, fructose, DNA, magnesium, vitamin B12, sodium, cholesterol, potassium, uric acid, lactic acid, nitrogen and blood group antigens. Semen is white in color due to enzymes, citric acid, lipids and proteins present in it. Around up to 500 million sperms are discharged by testes during ejaculation.

There is a general conception in people that a masculine guy will have a high number of sperm count, but it is not necessary. Quality of semen depends on some few basic things. It
low sperm countis believed that a man having harsh or throaty voice has low sperm count. It is due to excessive testosterone. Excessive male hormone stops the sperm production and makes your voice booming. Some people believe that man who have big bellies or having much fat around belly does not produce healthy sperm because it restricts the hormones to circulate in the lower part of the body. Only a good sperm count is not enough, the quality of sperm is also important. You required strong sperm for pregnancy.

In recent years, we have notice that men’s fertility has declined. There are many physical signs to know whether you have healthy semen or not. The main signs which tell you about the quality and health of your semen are:

Lean waist: Researchers found that the men who have fat on the stomach or having waist of 40 inches or greater in size have low sperm count as compared to slim guys. You should have a lean waist for good sperm count. Carrying too much weight around the midsection can obstruct the production and development of sperms. So, if you have fit midsection, then it is a sign of healthy sperm count.

Non-smoker:  If you are a no-smoker then, it is good for your sexual health. Smoking reduces the sperm count. The nicotine decreases the quantity and quality of your semen. It also affects your DNA. Smoking is the main reason for unhealthy semen.

Love to eat fish: A man who eats fish, especially dark meat like salmon have more sperm count than those who does not eat. People who eat processed meat have less sperm count as compared to those who eat food in its natural form. Fish is a great source of protein and is also good for the health than the processed meat. It has Omega-3 and polyunsaturated fatty acids, which play an important role in sperm production.

Junk food:  Junk food is not good for your general health as well as for your sexual health. Men who eat junk food regularly have low sperm counts. Processed meats and junk food damages the quality of your sperm. It upsets your testosterone level and makes your sperm unhealthy. So, if you eat less junk food, then you can improve your sperm quality.

Tight underwear: If you wear tight underwear or brief, it is not good for your sperm. It increases the temperature of testicles and kills the sperm. A study in 2012 reveals that who wears loose underwear have a good sperm count than those who wear skin tight briefs.  It is important for sperm to swim and loose underwear maintains the low scrotal, which improves the quality of sperm.

Plastic containers: If you eat and heat your food in plastic containers, then it may result in a low sperm count. A chemical (Bisphenol) transfer from the plastic of your container to your food which is harmful for your sperm quality. Put your food in glass container before putting it into the microwave.