Know About Leucorrhea, Its Causes, Risk Factors, Symptoms And Treatment


A thick whitish or sometimes whitish-yellow discharge is often referred to a Leucorrhea. Although there are multiple reasons behind this problem but the major one is hormonal imbalance. The quantity of discharge varies with the vaginal infection.

Causes of Leucorrhea: Main causes of leucorrhea includes:

  1. Improper eating.
  2. Examination of vaginal discharge from the laboratory.
  3. Frequent cultures.
  4. Waking up late.
  5. Hormonal disorder.
  6. Abrasion due to itching.

The vagina is just a passageway to through the waste in the form of urine from the body. It also act like a reproductive organ of a women. As the pH of vagina is acidic so it act oppositely to growth of infections. Any imbalance or damage to the vaginal discharge leads to the formation of infection at a place.

Composition of Discharge: The discharge contains water, urea, lactic acid, pyridine, and squalene, complex alcohols and ketones, epithelial cells and leukocytes.

A white discharge from the vagina is mostly considered normal in every woman. The color of this discharge mostly becomes yellow, when dried on the underwear. Now, we are going to discuss the reasons behind changes in the normal discharge. This include menstrual period, physical factors, stress and pregnancy.

The Effect of Menstrual period

The pH value of vaginal generally fluctuates during the menstrual period and woman may find increased moisture content at genitals between the periods. The infections during the menstrual period are quite common.

Types of Leucorrhea: There are 2 types of Leucorrhea namely inflammatory and physiological. The latter one is experienced by almost all the women which occurred due to the defense mechanism of organism. The vaginal flexibility restores with the adjacent tissues.

If we talk of the inflammatory one, then this happens due to swollen vaginal mucosa. Main indication of this infection is thick white discharge with foul smell. It can also be caused with STDs or lochia.

Signs and Symptoms:

The symptoms of leucorrhea can appear at any age and are normally an expression of organic condition. These symptoms are resultant of any damages done to the reproductive organs.

Any change in the color of vaginal discharge or odor can be a sign of this infection. Other signs are discussed here as under:

  • Itching, redness and thick white discharge.
  • Frequent and ample leucorrhea.
  • Burning sensation while urination.
  • Yellowish and greenish discharge with foul smell.


  • Cyclical: Discharge without odor.
  • Ovulatory: Discharge after ovulation.
  • Candidiasis: Inflamed cervix and thick whitish discharge.
  • Ruptured fetal membranes: Clear discharge with pH above 4.5.
  • Trichomoniasis: Abundant discharge.
  • Chlamydia: Foul smelly discharge.
  • Gonorrhea: Decayed discharge.
  • Bacterial vaginosis: Greenish discharge.


To identify the leucorrhea, one should follow below mentioned procedure:

  1. Giemsa stained rubbing.
  2. Examination of vaginal discharge from the laboratory.
  3. Frequent cultures.
  4. Use of smear microscopy to detect the estrogenic activity or evaluation of cell contents.
  5. Biopsy test is also recommended.
  6. Determination of pH value of vaginal and cervical.

pH testing: The normal range of vaginal pH is 3.9 to 4.5. If there is any amniotic fluid present inside it then the value increases above 4.5 which can further result in trichomoniasis and vaginosis.

Treatment: The treatment is done according to the leucorrhea etiology which includes dietary changes, systematic antibiotic and antifungal treatment.

Diet changes: It is recommended to lessen the intake of carbohydrates and increase the consumption of protein supplemented diet so as to pacify the urine discharge. Foods like yogurt, sour milk and kefir rich in lactobacillus should be consumed repeatedly in a day. Use supplements for vitamin C, B and A for a period of 1 month.

How to prevent leucorrhea?

  1. The vaginal area should be kept free from moisture.
  2. No excessive showers during itching and leucorrhea.
  3. Use external pads during copious leukorrhea.
  4. Take a healthy diet and drink sufficient amount of water.
  5. Avoid sex during leucorrhea.

A Complete Guide To Urinary Tract Infection

If you are a woman, then the chances of catching a urinary tract infection are high. According to some experts, the infection may re-occur frequently year after year so this is a lifetime risk for women of any age. Now we are going to discuss the causes, symptoms, and treatment of this problem in this blog post. We are also going to mention the ways by which you can prevent this infection.

What are the causes of UTI’s?

The key reason behind urinary tract infection is; improper cleaning from front to back after going to the washroom. Now, you might be thinking how it is possible. The reason being, when your urethra transports the urine from the pipe and travels through the bladder to the outside of the anus, the bacteria from large intestine at this point of time sometimes invade inside the urethra. This infection further transports to bladder if left untreated. The UTI then can infect the kidneys of a victim. Women are more prone to UTIs than men because of shorter urethras. Sex can also be the reason for this infection.

What are the symptoms of UTIs?

  • You will feel burning while urinating the waste.
  • Frequent coming of urine that pushes you to go to washroom quickly.
  • The pressure in lower abdomen or pain at the back.
  • Dark, bloody and smelly urine.
  • Feeling exhausted or irritated.
  • Feeling trembled and feverish. This symptom may directly affect your kidneys.

Various tests and treatments for UTIs

If you observe any of the above-mentioned symptoms in your body, then go to the doctor as early as possible. You will be simply asked to hand over a urine sample at the laboratory. Your urine sample will be tested to see if there is a presence of any UTI bacteria in it or not. If needed, then you can take antibiotics to kill the bacteria but you must not forget to complete the prescribed course of your medication completely, otherwise, bacteria may re-develop again. It is also advised to drink sufficient amount of water, which helps in flushing the bacteria out of your body and maintain your good health.

UTI treatment: Some of the treatments for UTI infection includes:

  1. Consume low dose of antibiotic for a long period to prevent frequent infections.
  2. Take a single dose of an antibiotic after every sex because the infection sometimes triggers after intercourse.
  3. If you observe any UTI symptoms in your body, then take antibiotics for 2-3 days.
  4. Test your urine sample at home with the urine test kit.

The test, which is done without prescription will let you know the need to consult a doctor. If you are taking antibiotics, then check if the infection is properly cured or not. If you find that you are still facing the same problem, then don’t hesitate to consult your doctor.

Ways to prevent UTI Re-infection

The ways by which you can prevent Re-infection are mentioned below:

  1. Empty your bladder completely and don’t feel sloth in rushing to the washroom.
  2. Drink maximum amount of water daily.
  3. Clean from front to back properly.
  4. Use showers while bathing.
  5. Try to avoid all the sprays, deodorants and body perfumes as this only increases the inflammation.
  6. Clean genital area before having sex.
  7. Urinate after having sex. This will throw out all the bacteria if entered during sex.
  8. Don’t use unlubricated condoms, spermicidal jelly for birth control. Moreover, if you are using a diaphragm during sex, then this can cause irritation in your vaginal area. All this lead to UTI.
  9. Keep your private area clean and dry by wearing loose cotton clothes and underwear. Avoid wearing tight jeans and synthetic underwear because these may trap moisture inside it and create an environment for bacteria to grow evidently.

Reasons It Hurts During Sex And Its Solutions

Are you? Especially woman is ignoring a pain while having sex with your partners just to feel the temptation? If yes, then it can be your big mistake. Don’t take it as easy as you think. You must consult your sexual health expert if you experience any pain during sex.

Now we are going to discuss the 6 reasons behind this pain along with their suitable solutions.

  1. Lack of Lube

If the slippery is not sufficient, then penetration may be painful and you will feel pain after 5-6 minutes, once your brain responds to it. According to Herbenick, Other factors like warm showers and baths before sex makes the vaginal secretions dry as a result you could not have sex flawlessly. Another birth control pills also affect the vaginal tissues and help in making the secretions dry.

Solution: Make sure to keep a lubricating tube along with you before indulging in a sexual activity otherwise, you will feel disturbed in the middle of the action.

  1. Stress And Tension

 You have certain things to accomplish in a single day and you take the same worries to the bed along with yourself. We want to mention here that relaxation is important while having sex. You should feel ready for such activity.

Solution: According to the herbenick, you must de-stress first from the routine job by taking lemongrass massage oil smell. You can also try Yoga or meditation to remove stress from your mind. Meditation has been proved the best way to reduce mental stresses by FDA even.

  1. Tight Squeeze

For some people, genital fit also causes a pain. It means, your partner has extra-large and you have much petite.

Solution: lubrication may help in most of the cases. But in some conditions, if the penis is touching the cervix, then according to herbenick, it is better to change the current sex position so as to feel comfort and joy. Sometimes, women feel reluctant to disclose their feeling of in-comfortability with the sex position so, it is advisable to always keep a woman on top and yourself below her body. This is the best position to have sex without pain.

  1. Genital Infections

 Infections like genital herpes, yeast infections, and trichomoniasis may cause pain during sex and make you feel uncomfortable. Women, who are unaware of such infection may develop changes in their vagina or at the vulva. This again contributes to pain.

What Is Balanitis And What Are Its Symptoms And Causes?

Balanitis is the problem related to the penis. It causes redness around the glans and posthitis is the problem of inflammation around the foreskin. The foreskin here means the outer skin of penis that covers its head. The combined inflammation of both glans and foreskin is referred to as Balanoposthitis.

This problem can occur at any age but it mainly affects the boys below five years of age and the male adults, who have not removed their extra skin from the forehead of penis skin. Every 1 out of 25 boys and 1 out of 30 males are affected with this problem. This problem is rarely observed in circumcised adult males.

Balanitis can be caused due to infectious and noninfectious reasons. This problem is frequent in patients, who have too tight foreskin of the penis.  Patients suffering from diabetes mellitus are more exposed to balanitis.

Recurring chronic balanoposthitis further boosts the development of balanitis xerotica obliterans, phimosis and Paraphimosis. At this stage, the foreskin gets retracted and cannot come to its original place. Such extreme conditions further result in cancer.

What Are The Symptoms Of Balanitis?

If a person is able to sense and describe his problem, then this is called symptom and on the other hand, if a person is not able to feel or sense it and diagnosed by the doctor, then we termed it as Sign. The signs and symptoms of Balanitis include:

  1. Redness around the head of the penis.
  2. Irritation on glans.
  3. Soreness in glans.
  4. Redness of glans.
  5. Thick or lumpy discharge inside the foreskin.
  6. The problem of itchiness around the glans.
  7. Foul smell from the area around the penis.
  8. Phimosis problem.
  9. Pain while urination.
  10. Irritation and feeling of soreness inside the foreskin just after having sex or typically after 2-3 days of intercourse.

Apart from this, there are some signs and symptoms which look identical to that of sexually transmitted infections. Now we are going to discuss the possible causes of balanitis.

Skin Conditions: The below mentioned skin conditions may result in balanitis:

  1. Lichen planus: This is a type of skin disease in which a small a small, itchy spots purple in color appear on arms or legs.
  2. Eczema: This is a chronic skin problem in which the skin gets itchy, red, or even dried.
  3. Dermatitis: it is a type of inflammation of the skin that happens due to an allergic reaction or direct contact with the person, who is already irritant. If a person is having Eczema dermatitis, then it is known as eczematous dermatitis whereas the other types are classified as Noneczematous
  4. Psoriasis: Scaly or dry skin due to a genetic It is caused due to faster growth of skin cells than the normal rate of growth. This happens because of the poor immune system.

Irritation On Penis: The main reason behind the irritation on the penis include:

  • Erroneous chemicals exist within the condoms and spermicides.
  • Washing powders, if the inners not washed properly.
  • Conditioners used with the washing powders if not properly rinsed.
  • Perfumed bathing soaps.
  • Shower gels.

Infection: Tiny germs available on the skin may not cause any problem when they are small in number but when they keep on multiplying, then this may create a problem. There are two types of infections that can bring about the balanitis. These are:

  • Candida: This type of fungus is responsible for thrush.
  • Bacteria: the bacteria keeps on multiplying again and again with the warm and moist conditions inside the foreskin. It is advisable to thoroughly wash the foreskin and dry it carefully so that no moisture left behind. Excessive washing of genitals with foamy soap also resulted in balanitis.

Understanding Six Most Important Vaginal Problems

As we are already aware of yeast infections and other conditions like UTI’s. Apart from these, there are other issues also that may result in discharge and unexpected pain in vagina. Now we are going to discuss the 6 problems with you. If you are carrying symptoms of any of these below mentioned problems, then don’t feel embarrassed to see your doctor as early as possible otherwise the condition may worsen.

  1. Vulvodynia: If you are experiencing a chronic pain around your vagina without having any infection or medical condition, then this is termed as vulvodynia. This pain occurs in the vulva. The exact reason behind this problem is yet not known but it may happen with hormones, nerve, inflammation problem and increased density of nerves at vulva. Vulvodynia may cause sharp pain that can have itching and discomfort feeling.

Vulvodynia pain may knock anytime, but having sex, wearing tight underwear or exercise can cause to happen it. Most women experience generalized vulvodynia, which mostly happen around the vulvar area. If a woman is having a vulvar vestibulitis syndrome, then this pain will be limited to the vestibular opening. This is an area around the vagina entrance.

  1. Trichomoniasis: According to Arlene kelber, an obstetrician at Brook University, this disease is caused due to the tiny organism that develops into sexually transmitted disease. The possible symptoms of this disease are yellow discharge and vaginal irritation. The symptoms may sometimes remain hidden but 70% cases exhibit this problem only 30% remained symptom free.
  1. Bacterial vaginosis: This problem is totally different from other because the main reason of this problem is additional growth and change in composition of bacteria inside vagina. This doesn’t happen with the foreign invader but it keeps on multiplying itself inside the vagina, said by kelber. You may get bad bacteria from having a sex with a new partner or the bacteria also happens with douching. The abnormal symptoms like fishy-smelling and gray discharge can be noticed in such condition.
  1. Bumps and Lumps: Are you feeling something Bumpy inside vagina. This may happen due to recent shaving or waxing done at your vagina opening. However, you also may be affected with Bartholin’s cyst. For your information, we want to mention here that there are two such glands inside your vagina, which secrets a lubricating fluid. If the glands are blocked or swollen, then it can infect your vagina. The same problem can also occurred with another skene gland inside vagina.
  1. Vulvar varicosity: According to Raquel B. Dardic, this problem is related to varicose veins located in your labia or at other region. The veins look identical to worms and causes itching and discomfort at that area. You may notice bulgy and bluish veins. The problem of vulvar varicosities mostly occurs in pregnant women and that too at the time of second pregnancy. When the weight of uterus increases with pregnancy, the blood in the veins also started increasing as a result standing for long hours under such condition may cause this problem.
  1. Vaginismus: Do you feel something like going into your vagina? And particularly a thing like penis. If yes, then this could be due to vaginismus. This is a state, in which any penetration inflicts pain in your vaginal area or pelvic floor muscles contract. This problem certainly cause sexual problem in some women. There is also a condition in which a women cannot even do sexual intercourse due to pain and contraction at vagina and they feel impossible to do sex. Although, the exact cause of this problem is not clear but it is directly related to the injury or past sexual intercourse.

Do You Know About The Nine Side Effects Of Common Birth Control Pill?

Birth control pills are normally taken to prevent pregnancy after having sex. More than 20 million US women are taking the birth control pill every year.  This is a highly effective method of birth control if taken at the proper time as these contraceptive pills contain synthetic form of both estrogen and progesterone hormones. Apart from advantages, there are many side-effects of this pill, which we are going to discuss below:

  1. Intermenstrual spotting: Those women who have consumed this pill may experience unusual bleeding between the periods also referred to as Breakthrough bleeding. The chances of bleeding are usual in first 3 months after taking the first pill, then it keeps on resolving after every pack.

If a person experiences bleeding for more than 5 days after having a pill or heavy bleeding for 3 days, then she must consult the health professional immediately for advice.

  1. Nausea: Some women may experience mild nausea after consuming the first pill but the symptoms usually diminish after a while. It is advisable to take a pill with food or during bedtime as this will lower the chances of getting nausea.
  2. The breast tenderness: Birth control pill may enlarge your breast but this effect goes on improving with the passage of time. If you find any lump in the breast or having continuous pain in the breast, then you must seek an opinion from health doctor.
  3. A headache: The problem of a migraine and headache is directly related to the sex hormone. Any changes in this hormone may result in headache-like symptoms. Some recent studies have found out that this pill doesn’t result in severe or even mild headache if a low dose of hormones is taken.
  4. Weight gain: Estrogen available in birth control pills affect the fat cells, which further result in increased fluid retention inside the body. As a result, the weight goes on increasing with the increasing fat cells.
  5. Mood change: Some people have observed behavioral changes as well as mental depression in themselves after taking the pill. If you are also experiencing any behavioral changes, then consult your medical provider as early as possible.

A Recent study done on 90 women revealed that this pill has a direct link with the orbitofrontal cortex and posterior cingulate cortex. These cortexes are hooked up with the response and sense of stimuli.

  1. Missed periods: Your routine periods may be skipped or missed with this pill usage. The main factors responsible for this problem includes illness, hormonal changes, and traveling, stress, and thyroid abnormalities.

We want to mention here that if your period is missed, then don’t take it lightly. Go to the doctor and check for pregnancy symptom through a pregnancy test. Avoid consuming next pill before taking further advice from the professional.

Do You Know About Penis Disorder: Paraphimosis?

Most boys remained uncircumcised till the age of 10 years and when they pull the foreskin of their penis backward and try to retract it completely, then they aren’t able to do so because of a problem called Phimosis.

This problem starts from the birth and lasts till puberty. After a certain age, the skin starts retracting of the penis automatically. You need treatment if your penis head remains read, paining and the problem of retracting again started.

In case the skin remained stuck behind the head of your penis, then you need to consult a doctor immediately. Don’t feel shy in disclosing this problem to the doctor.

What Are The Major Causes?

Scar tissues: Infection may tighten the foreskin because the scar tissues developed due to the infections makes the skin harder to pull backward.

Pulling: Stretching or pulling the foreskin forcefully may lead to phimosis.

Aging: As we know that with aging our skin goes on loosening day by day. Similar case with foreskin, it also gets loosened with the age.

Medical conditions: A person, who is having diabetes is more likely to have balanitis. Consult your doctor and explain the medical history in front of him, so that he can treat you accordingly.

Why Paraphimosis Occurs?

Improper handling of the foreskin: When you go for some catheterization process and your skin for that purpose pulled backward and if it doesn’t get retracted properly again, then paraphimosis may happen.

Piercing: This is another reason for paraphimosis. Any piercing on the foreskin makes it difficult to retract properly.

Sex: During sex, if you keep your foreskin backward for longer time period, then it will result in swelling, which trapped your foreskin behind the head.

Symptoms Of This Problem

In phimosis as well as in paraphimosis, your foreskin will get tight at one place. It can be either at back or at the tip of your penis. Other signs of Phimosis are mentioned below:

  • Your foreskin will expand like a balloon while urinating. Some drops of blood can be observed with urine.
  • During sex, you may feel pain during erection.
  • Other types of urinary tract infections include blood, irritation, and pressure in the lower
  • Unusual discharge from the foreskin after having sex with a partner. You may feel pain on the foreskin.
  • White ring around the opening of skin that looks identical to scar tissue.

How Premature Ejaculation Can Be Stopped?

Premature ejaculation is a very common issue. One of out of three men suffers from this particular problem. It is an embarrassment for men because they want the duration of sex to go on and on, but then, they just cum after a couple of minutes. They don’t have any control over their wiener, and this is tainting their sex life. Many men are looking for a way to get rid of this problem, but they don’t know what needs to be done. So, we are going to discuss some effective ways that men can follow to prolong their sex experience and reach ideal orgasm. Read the below-mentioned information carefully if you want to stop premature ejaculation.

First of all, we will educate you on the treatments that you should avoid.

  1. Pills and Supplements: You will find a number of pills and supplements on the market that promise a lot of things in terms of stopping premature ejaculation, but these products don’t have any proof whatsoever, which creates a doubt in sensible people like us. Moreover, these pills and supplements are quite costly, so one can’t buy these easily. Not to forget, there are certain side-effects as well, which are nowhere mentioned. So, we will suggest that you should stay away from these pills and supplements.
  2. Desensitizing cream: You must have seen a plethora of creams being advertised on TV, the internet and other platforms claiming that they can help make sex last longer. They are 100% right as far as their claims are concerned, but they numb your body in order to prevent premature ejaculation. What’s the fun of sex when you are not able to connect with your partner and feel the pleasure? So, avoid applying such creams because they will complete change the way you have sex.

Methods that you must try

Train your ejaculatory muscles: The reason for premature ejaculation is weak ejaculatory muscles, which are unable to hold the semen. So, you have to do exercises like Kegels in order to make your muscles strong. Kegels can be done by flexing and holding the pelvic muscles for 10 to 15 times. Hold the muscles for a few seconds, and then wait for 10 seconds and repeat the process. Do this twice a day and you will be able to find a change in your ejaculation time. Moreover, prostate issues can also be resolved with this exercise.

Masturbation training: Every man has his own way of masturbating. Some do it very fast and ejaculate within 5 minutes, whereas some take really long to cum. So, what you have to do is masturbate and hold off. Let your body calm down and then again, start the process. This will enable you to stimulate yourself for a longer period before you could reach climax.

What about instant ways of stopping premature ejaculation?

Well, if you have fixed a date tonight, then here are some methods that you can try.

  1. Condoms: Doing without a protection will make you cum a lot quicker, so wear a condom to prolong your sex. You can control the stimulation and let your partner enjoy as well. Don’t use ultra-sensitive condoms, as they will make you feel more aroused and thus, you’ll ejaculate within seconds.
  2. Start-Stop Method: When you are about to reach climax, and it hasn’t been much time before you started it, then you must do something to stop the ejaculation. This is when ‘start-stop’ method will come into play. Just stop the motion and begin oral sex or any other means of pleasure. When your body becomes calm, then you can restart the pounding.

    Premature ejaculation can be stopped provided that you choose the right method for stopping it.


10 Reasons You Should Have Sex Every Day

Are you fed-up with your daily routine? Today, in this blog we are going to explain a single solution for all the ailments. This will change your mood and you will feel pleasure after having this. We are talking about sex here. Now, we are going to explain the 11 reasons that why you and your partner needs to have sex on a routine basis.

  1. Sex reduces mental and physical pressure

If you are dead tired with your work at the workplace and need some rest and relax, then nothing is better than having sex with your partner. It will reduce your physical and mental pressure. Various elements produced during the sex like oxytocin, dopamine and endorphins decrease the stress level and rejuvenates your body alltogether.

  1. It is an amusing exercise

Sex is no doubt an amusing exercise, which not only burns your body calories but also involves a physical workout. Various physiological changes while having sex are analogous to the routine exercises done at the gym or at other fitness centers. You will be surprised to know that having sex three times a week will burn as many calories as you would burn by running 70-80 miles.

  1. It helps in improving your immune system

According to the recent study done by the University of Wikes, students who have done sex more than twice a week have a better immune system than those who had not done even a single time. The level of antibodies produced in the former one is comparatively higher than that of latter one. The most common antigens like immunoglobulin A released to fight against cold and Flu-like conditions. More and more sex will increase the level of antigens and you will stay healthy forever.

  1. Sex reduces your blood pressure

Some of the sex positions also help in decreasing your blood pressure up to some extent. A recent study by the paisley university revealed that sex helps in reducing the diastolic blood pressure.

  1. Sex keeps your heart healthy

When your body burn some calories, then it will definitely help in strengthening the health of your heart. Researchers have found out that men, who engage themselves in sexual activity are less susceptible to cardiovascular disease.

  1. Sex helps in lowering pain

If you are suffering from any pain or aches like Migraines, then nothing can cure faster than sex. A study conducted by Dr. George revealed that patients who have sex regularly experience less pain than that of their counterparts.

  1. It ensures regular period

Any stress at your workplace affects the period routine. As we have stated above that sex reduces the stress level, so having a sex will ensure your menstrual cycle.

  1. Sex strengthens the pelvic muscles

Sex helps in strengthening your pelvic muscles. You must be thinking how it is possible. We want to explain to you that workout is done during the sex help in increasing the strength of your pelvic muscles, which in turn expedite the orgasm.

  1. It reduces the risk of cancer

In men, the chances of getting cancer reduce with the regular sex. According to the latest study by American association, it was observed that men who have done sex more than 20 times in a month are less susceptible to suffer prostate cancer.

  1. You can sleep well after sex

Sex increases the heart beats which further results in pleasure or we can say restoration. If a male has sex with his partner, then the ejaculation leads to laziness, which makes him feel sleepy.


What Is Peyronie’s Disease, Its Causes And Treatment?

Peyronie’s disease is related to a penis, which results in erectile dysfunction. It causes a bend in an affected person’s penis. This bend sometimes believed is quite painful while erection.

  1. Once your penis starts to pain while having sex, it may further result in bleeding or build-up of scar tissue.
  2. One can easily feel the scar tissue development on his skin. The scars can be developed on the either side of your penis.

If a person is having an erectile dysfunction-type condition, then he will not able to maintain an erection. This causes a problem while having sex with his partner. The extreme type of dysfunctioning is termed as Peyronie’s disease.

A man, who is having a Peyronie’s disease might feel uncomfortable and anxiety before having sex. Today, in this blog post we are going to discuss Peyronie’s disease causes and its treatments.

Causes of Peyronie’s disease

The exact causes of this disease are still not cleared but as per the researchers, this condition develops after an injury to the penis either through bending or via hitting it. This trauma can further bring about tissue build-up around the penis and bleeding from the penis.

According to the national kidney and Urologic clearing house, the erectile dysfunction may be caused without trauma even.

Risk factors of Peyronie’s disease

This disease is particularly related to the genetics and age. Any tissue changes in older men heal slowly. This further expands to this Erect dysfunctioning stage also known as Peyronie’s disease.

If a person is having a problem in their connective tissue, then the chances of getting the Peyroine’s disease are more. Any illness in the connective tissue or thickening of skin above the fingers that pull the finger inward is known as Dupuytren’s contracture.

Signs and symptoms of Peyronie’s illness

Formation of scar tissue on the penis also called plaque is the primary symptom of Peyronie’s disease. A person can easily sense scar tissue on penis skin with bare hands. The formation of scars mainly happens on the upper side of the penis. However, sometimes it can also be seen on the rear side too.

Sometimes, the condition of ‘bottleneck’ or ‘waisting’ can also be seen if the plaque develops all around the penis. The plaque based scars are often hard in nature due to the presence of calcium inside it. Scars generally cause pain during erections.

The elasticity of a particular part of your penis reduces with the scar tissue and your penis will start bending towards the upward side during erection. The plaque development on the sides causes curvature. If more than one plaque develops, then it results in multiple curvatures. Sexual activity is badly affected by curvature. You cannot do sex easily due to shortening of the penis.


Permanent and exact treatment for Peyronie’s disease is not available in the market yet, but it can be treated after consulting the health physician. Most of the physicians normally advise to wait and watch the symptoms properly, then they start treating it. They don’t prescribe the medicine directly.


The medication for this disease is often injected into the affected area. If someone is having acute pain or experiencing a curvature additionally, then surgery is preferred. Medicine approved by the FDA for this condition is Clostridium Hystolyticum. This medicine is preferred if your penis bends more than 30 degrees in the course of erection. This treatment stops the further growth of collagen. The other types of medicines that one can prefer are:

  1. Verapamil can be taken orally.
  2. Interferon injections.

Non-surgical options

In non-surgical treatment, a weak electrical shock is given through the skin and this process is called Iontophoresis. Other treatments that you can prefer are:

  • Use of shock wave therapy to end the scar tissue.
  • Use of vacuum devices for Peyronie’s


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