As we are already aware of yeast infections and other conditions like UTI’s. Apart from these, there are other issues also that may result in discharge and unexpected pain in vagina. Now we are going to discuss the 6 problems with you. If you are carrying symptoms of any of these below mentioned problems, then don’t feel embarrassed to see your doctor as early as possible otherwise the condition may worsen.

  1. Vulvodynia: If you are experiencing a chronic pain around your vagina without having any infection or medical condition, then this is termed as vulvodynia. This pain occurs in the vulva. The exact reason behind this problem is yet not known but it may happen with hormones, nerve, inflammation problem and increased density of nerves at vulva. Vulvodynia may cause sharp pain that can have itching and discomfort feeling.

Vulvodynia pain may knock anytime, but having sex, wearing tight underwear or exercise can cause to happen it. Most women experience generalized vulvodynia, which mostly happen around the vulvar area. If a woman is having a vulvar vestibulitis syndrome, then this pain will be limited to the vestibular opening. This is an area around the vagina entrance.

  1. Trichomoniasis: According to Arlene kelber, an obstetrician at Brook University, this disease is caused due to the tiny organism that develops into sexually transmitted disease. The possible symptoms of this disease are yellow discharge and vaginal irritation. The symptoms may sometimes remain hidden but 70% cases exhibit this problem only 30% remained symptom free.
  1. Bacterial vaginosis: This problem is totally different from other because the main reason of this problem is additional growth and change in composition of bacteria inside vagina. This doesn’t happen with the foreign invader but it keeps on multiplying itself inside the vagina, said by kelber. You may get bad bacteria from having a sex with a new partner or the bacteria also happens with douching. The abnormal symptoms like fishy-smelling and gray discharge can be noticed in such condition.
  1. Bumps and Lumps: Are you feeling something Bumpy inside vagina. This may happen due to recent shaving or waxing done at your vagina opening. However, you also may be affected with Bartholin’s cyst. For your information, we want to mention here that there are two such glands inside your vagina, which secrets a lubricating fluid. If the glands are blocked or swollen, then it can infect your vagina. The same problem can also occurred with another skene gland inside vagina.
  1. Vulvar varicosity: According to Raquel B. Dardic, this problem is related to varicose veins located in your labia or at other region. The veins look identical to worms and causes itching and discomfort at that area. You may notice bulgy and bluish veins. The problem of vulvar varicosities mostly occurs in pregnant women and that too at the time of second pregnancy. When the weight of uterus increases with pregnancy, the blood in the veins also started increasing as a result standing for long hours under such condition may cause this problem.
  1. Vaginismus: Do you feel something like going into your vagina? And particularly a thing like penis. If yes, then this could be due to vaginismus. This is a state, in which any penetration inflicts pain in your vaginal area or pelvic floor muscles contract. This problem certainly cause sexual problem in some women. There is also a condition in which a women cannot even do sexual intercourse due to pain and contraction at vagina and they feel impossible to do sex. Although, the exact cause of this problem is not clear but it is directly related to the injury or past sexual intercourse.