A man’s reproductive system consists of two parts, penis and testicles. Where we all have a good amount of information regarding penis, things about testicles are yet to be discussed in detail, especially the problems. But, let’s just first know what testicles are. There are two oval shaped organs present right behind penis, which are as bag as large olives. Testicles are located inside scrotum, which is a sack of skin. Male hormones including testosterone are predominantly made by testicles. Not to forget, the sperm, which when meets ova (female egg) starts the process of reproduction. If there is any problem in the testicles, then the entire hormonal balance is interrupted and a man can have issues with sex and infertility.

Let us now find out the effects of malfunctioned testicles:

There are many conditions that arise after the testicles are affected such as, testicular torsion, hypogonadism, testicular trauma, epididymitis and testicular cancer.

Testicular Trauma

All men know where testicles are, so they are also aware that there isn’t any protection given to this particular organ. No layer of bone or muscle to keep the organ protected. Testicles can be traumatized when kicked, stuck, crushed and hit. Even a small contact that happens suddenly can impact testicles. Some sports are so physical that it becomes very difficult to prevent testicular trauma. Therefore, men playing contact sports can wear athletic cups to protect their balls.

Testicular trauma can cause extreme pain, swelling and bruising. In the majority of occasions, testicles can withstand the injury, but sometimes, the impact is so devastating that medical assistance becomes inevitable. That’s when testicular rupture occurs, as in the rupture, testicles receive a huge blow or are squeezed against the pelvis’ bones. This causes leakage of blood into the scrotum. In rare cases, surgery needs to be done in order to fix the problem.

Testicular Torsion

There is a spermatic cord within the scrotum that protects testicles. When this cord gets twisted around testicles, then the blood coming into the testicles gets stopped, causing extreme pain. Testicles become enlarged, swollen and tender.  The problem is common in young men having an age of less than 25 years. The issue is caused by doing strenuous activity, but it can occur for no particular reason as well.

Treatment of Testicular Torsion

A surgery is required to correct the problem. It is important if a man experiencing this problem consult a doctor immediately, so that the treatment process can commence without any delays. If the supply of blood gets disrupted to the testicles for a long period of time, then a permanent damage could be caused to the testicles, and then, removal of testicles is the only option.

Testicular Cancer

If there are abnormal cells present in the testes, which are growing at an uncontrolled rate, then it can take the form of testicular cancer. If a man observes non-cancerous tumours in the scrotum, then getting it checked from a doctor becomes very important, as those tumours can take the shape of testicular cancer. This cancer can occur in both, aged men and young boys, so one must seek medical help if he feels that there is a lump inside the scrotum.

Symptoms Of Testicular Cancer

If one testicle is larger than the other one, or there is a presence of lump, then there could be a chance of testicular cancer. If scrotum feels heavy or there is pain in the lower abdomen or groin region, then get it checked by the doctor, as that could be a symptom of testicular cancer. If there is pain in the testicle or scrotum, which gets on and off periodically, then that could also be a symptom, so seek medical help immediately.

These are some problems related to male testicles. It is important for each and every man to know about these issues, so that when they come across any of it, then they know what needs to be done.