Motherhood is the best experience of life. It feels awesome to be a mother of a little baby that is the most important part of your entire life. It is a feeling that only a mother can have and it is totally inexpressible. Apart from this, as women, you must keep few things in mind which will help you through your journey from being pregnant to giving a birth to a lovely child. Also, you must take early symptoms carefully regarding pregnancy so that you do not face any sort of difficulties in future.

Common Symptoms Related To Pregnancy

There are a lot of early symptoms that will indicate that you are pregnant. Most of the time these symptoms may be slow but they appear within a couple of week. Furthermore, every woman is sole and the same goes for pregnancy and its symptoms. There may be dissimilarity between two pregnancies, even for same woman. It is possible that you may or may be not experience the various symptoms of pregnancy that the most of the women experience. Although, most of these signs are mainly common, but potential mothers may experience these common signs of pregnancy. Also, it should be noted that these symptoms may or may not be for the pregnancy but can be an indication for other changes in the body or can even be a disease. It must be properly investigated before any further step. These symptoms include:

Missing Of The Menstrual Periods

A missing of the menstrual period is the most common and clear sign of pregnancy. Women who have missed the period cycle have a good chance of being pregnant; however, this is not an exact sign because it can be caused by some regular ailments such as stress and irregular period. Although, a missed period is a clear indicator of pregnancy but there may be few more signs associated with it. You must enquire for the other symptoms as well once you have this indication.


 As soon as your pregnancy will progress, you will feel that you are easily getting exhausted and tired. You will experience that a little amount of work will make you sit down and relax. This is also a clear sign of pregnancy which should not be ignored. Occasionally, this feeling happens even if you are not doing any work. It is caused by the various hormonal changes that undergo within our body to bear the growth of the baby and helps your body to adapt them as well. Needless to worry about these symptoms as they can also be sometimes other signs of health related issues. Sometimes it is due to the excessive cholesterol levels in the body which may trigger these signs of tiredness. It is always better to get a checkup done.

Vomiting And Mood Swings

Many early symptoms include vomiting which may be for a short while and in some cases it can continue for several days. It can be due to some other reasons but it is strongly recommended that you must consult your doctor. Also due to hormonal changes causes mood swings. Sometimes you feel angry and then you are happy. It is also a part of the process of pregnancy.

Breast Changes

Breast tenderness, swelling or changing the size is also a good symptom of pregnancy. It has been seen that breasts gets easily affected due to pregnancy. All these symptoms and signs must not be ignored and should be treated seriously. If women experience all these symptoms at once then surely she is pregnant. However a confirmation test is mandatory for confirming the pregnancy. It can also be done through a pregnancy test at home as well.