There are different spots you might notice on your penis. We will discuss about it in this blog post. These all spots are hardly any signs of serious threats but these may sometime frightens the individual. In this case, it would be better to consult the doctor specialist in genitourinary medicine. The clinic for such diagnoses can be easily locate through mobile app.

Keep this thing in mind that the penile spots that you see on your penis are generally harmless.

Men are very concerned with these spots as they fear of that these may be the symptoms of cancer or any other contagious disease. But one thing I want to make you clear that these spots are not at all sign of penis cancer or any other. Men feel embarrassed in having sex with their partners with spotty penis. They feel that their partners may feel reluctant to suck the blemish penis. However, small bumps of white or yellow color may remained unnoticed by the sex partner while having sex.

Where do I seek medical help?

If you really want to consult the doctor for the spots on your penis then you can approach the doctor. The sexual health clinic will provide confidential opinion to you that whether there is need of any further action or not. The local genitourinary medicine clinic will also provide you best opinion in this regard.

The consultants are well experienced there with knowledge of all the sex organs. Don’t feel shy or ashamed in showing the penis to your doctor as they are used to this. They examine more than 10 penises in a day so there is nothing new for him/her.

You can take prior appointment before actually visiting the clinic because sometimes the department remain open on alternate days only.

You can see the list of health service or hospital in a telephone directory if you are residing in UK. Just call at the place and you can easily fix the appointment.

There is also a website related to this known as family planning association. You can navigate to the link from the search engine. Another technique to search the clinic is simply type the Gum clinic in the search engine followed by the home location.

The common spots on your penis are discussed below:

  1. Fordyce spots

These are whitish in color mainly appear on the head of the penis. If your skin color is dark or can say brown then the spots can be easily seen. These are normal and nothing to worry about this as these are natural structure of some men penises. We can notice the same spots around the mouth also. There is no need of treatment for these spots and these are not contagious in nature.

  1. Pearly papules

Again the normal spots. These are of same color as of your skin and appear bumpy pearl. You can notice these spots in a round shape around the head of penis. You can do sex without any danger as these are not sexually transmitted. There is no need of any diagnoses for it. These are naturally occurred.

  1. Hair Follicles

The hairs generally grow on the base of your penis and extend up to few distance especially underside of penis. The hairs start grow from the tiny pit called follicles. The treatment for this is not required at all. Yes if you want to remove them permanently then you can do so with the help of laser surgery.

  1. Septic spots

Pimples on the face or septic spots are quite common at young age. It can happen anywhere in your body. A small pimple on the sex organ does not need too much attention. This is not serious issue. Try not to squeeze it as the infection may spread to other place.