When people say that you can break your penis, then they are really serious about it. Though there is no bone in your penis, yet it can be broken, just like your arm. A broken penis is also called penile fracture and this condition occurs when an erect penis feels a force during that position.

So, let us start with knowing what makes a penis erect. There are three cylindrical tubes present in a penis. Two tubes are of similar size and are larger than the third one. When you are aroused, your penis starts to erect, which is as a result of the blood filling up inside those two larger tubes. The skin surrounded these tubes are known by the name of tunica albuginea, which is expanded both lengthwise and width wise.  Whereas the third tube is concerned, then it is called urethra.

How penile fracture happens?

The pressure increases when you are aroused, thus causing the blood to rush into the larger tubes. With this, your penis becomes so hard that it is difficult to bend it. But, if your girlfriend or wife moves a lot when you are practicing woman on top, then the amount of pressure can increase to a value that it can fracture your penis. The tissue that surrounds those two tubes will not be able to hold that pressure, thus causing penile fracture. I would also like to mention that penile fracture can only happen when you have an erection because at that time, the pressure is immensely high in your penis.

Symptoms of penile fracture

Well, if you fracture your penis, you will get to know about it immediately. You are going to hear a popping or cracking sound, which comes when the tissue is torn and erectile dysfunction will happen i.e loss of erection of the penis. Just imagine it as like a pin touches a balloon. This fracture is going to inflict a lot of pain on your penis. You will a blue and black bruising and some swelling as well. If the injury gets deeper and affects your urethra, then you will see blood at the time of urinating.

What to do when this happens?

Get in a car and rush towards a hospital because this is a serious issue and it needs to be fixed right away. The doctor will check your penis by conducting a series of tests like an MRI scan, an urethrogram or cavernosogram. A doctor may also insert a hollow tube with a lens on the front side inside your urethra in order to know the damaged parts. This process is called cystoscopy.

If the magnitude of problem is way too high, then you will have to get your penis corrected surgically, and that too within three days of the fracture. The more you wait, the worse it is going to get for your penis. There is a chance that you may not be able to get the erection in the future, so you have to go under the knife as soon as possible because this is what’s best for you.

How to avoid getting a penile fracture?

Though the chances of a man having a penile fracture is quite rare, but this issue does happen. So, you can’t just go wild during sex thinking your penis is strong and it won’t break even if you make love in a weirdest position because it will. You need to practice sex in those position in which you feel the maximum pleasure and your penis doesn’t exert too much of pressure. So, keep your penis safe in order to enjoy sex for a long period of time.