Balanitis is the problem related to the penis. It causes redness around the glans and posthitis is the problem of inflammation around the foreskin. The foreskin here means the outer skin of penis that covers its head. The combined inflammation of both glans and foreskin is referred to as Balanoposthitis.

This problem can occur at any age but it mainly affects the boys below five years of age and the male adults, who have not removed their extra skin from the forehead of penis skin. Every 1 out of 25 boys and 1 out of 30 males are affected with this problem. This problem is rarely observed in circumcised adult males.

Balanitis can be caused due to infectious and noninfectious reasons. This problem is frequent in patients, who have too tight foreskin of the penis.  Patients suffering from diabetes mellitus are more exposed to balanitis.

Recurring chronic balanoposthitis further boosts the development of balanitis xerotica obliterans, phimosis and Paraphimosis. At this stage, the foreskin gets retracted and cannot come to its original place. Such extreme conditions further result in cancer.

What Are The Symptoms Of Balanitis?

If a person is able to sense and describe his problem, then this is called symptom and on the other hand, if a person is not able to feel or sense it and diagnosed by the doctor, then we termed it as Sign. The signs and symptoms of Balanitis include:

  1. Redness around the head of the penis.
  2. Irritation on glans.
  3. Soreness in glans.
  4. Redness of glans.
  5. Thick or lumpy discharge inside the foreskin.
  6. The problem of itchiness around the glans.
  7. Foul smell from the area around the penis.
  8. Phimosis problem.
  9. Pain while urination.
  10. Irritation and feeling of soreness inside the foreskin just after having sex or typically after 2-3 days of intercourse.

Apart from this, there are some signs and symptoms which look identical to that of sexually transmitted infections. Now we are going to discuss the possible causes of balanitis.

Skin Conditions: The below mentioned skin conditions may result in balanitis:

  1. Lichen planus: This is a type of skin disease in which a small a small, itchy spots purple in color appear on arms or legs.
  2. Eczema: This is a chronic skin problem in which the skin gets itchy, red, or even dried.
  3. Dermatitis: it is a type of inflammation of the skin that happens due to an allergic reaction or direct contact with the person, who is already irritant. If a person is having Eczema dermatitis, then it is known as eczematous dermatitis whereas the other types are classified as Noneczematous
  4. Psoriasis: Scaly or dry skin due to a genetic It is caused due to faster growth of skin cells than the normal rate of growth. This happens because of the poor immune system.

Irritation On Penis: The main reason behind the irritation on the penis include:

  • Erroneous chemicals exist within the condoms and spermicides.
  • Washing powders, if the inners not washed properly.
  • Conditioners used with the washing powders if not properly rinsed.
  • Perfumed bathing soaps.
  • Shower gels.

Infection: Tiny germs available on the skin may not cause any problem when they are small in number but when they keep on multiplying, then this may create a problem. There are two types of infections that can bring about the balanitis. These are:

  • Candida: This type of fungus is responsible for thrush.
  • Bacteria: the bacteria keeps on multiplying again and again with the warm and moist conditions inside the foreskin. It is advisable to thoroughly wash the foreskin and dry it carefully so that no moisture left behind. Excessive washing of genitals with foamy soap also resulted in balanitis.