Human Papillomaviruses or commonly known as HPV is a group of more than 200 viruses which can infect humans. Search revealed that more than 40 types of viruses can be easily transmitted from infected person to other during sexual contact. They can spread during oral, anal or vaginal sex. There are two categories of HPV that are sexually transmitted:

  • High risk HPV’s: The high risk HPV’s are those which can cause cancer. There are more than 10 types of HPV’s. HPV 16 and 18 can cause most types of cancer.
  • Low risk HPV’s: Low risk HPV’s are those which cannot cause cancer. These type of viruses cause warts in and around the genitals, mouth, throat and anus .HPV  6 and 11 can cause genital warts

HPV infections are the main cause of cancer in both men and women. Persons having HPV infections have different kind of symptoms. The infected person can transmit the disease to another person during sexual activity. Vagina, anus, vulva and cervix are the cancers found in women and penis, tongue, throat and tonsils cancers are found in men caused by HPV infections. To know whether a person is infected or not one has to go through HPV DNA tests. The people who are sexually active are at the risk of being infected. All the people having multiple sexual partners can easily get these types of viruses from infected persons. The best way to protect ourselves is to remain in monogamous relationship. As the condoms are not 100% safe, it is not guaranteed that by using condoms one can easily protect themselves from Human Papillomaviruses. These viruses are mainly transmitted through skin contact. The most common type of cancer caused by these HPV in women is cervical cancer.

cervical-cancerCervical Cancer: Cervical cancer is cancer in cervix of women. Cervix is the lower part of uterus. Cervical cancer is caused by HPV infection which is transmitted during sexual contact. It develops when the cells in cervix grows abnormally and spread throughout the body. The groups of these cells are called tumors. There are no symptoms of cancer in early stages. The common type of cervical cancer is squamous cell                                                                  carcinoma. The second is adenocarcinoma.

Causes and Symptoms of cervical cancer:  The main symptoms of cervical cancer are bleeding from vagina, pain during intercourse, pain in pelvic region, and increase in the frequency of urinal. The best way to detecting cervical cancer is to go through some cervical test. In this test microscopic examination of cells from cervix is done. These PAP tests are the most effective way to detect the cervical cancer in early stage.  As discuss earlier the main cause of cervical cancer is HPV infection which gets transmitted to the person during sexual intercourse.

Prevention: As we know that cervical cancer is caused by a virus which is transmitted during sexual activity, so having sex with multiple partners increase the risk of getting infected.  So by staying monogamous we can reduce the risk of cervical cancer.  Strong immune system is must which guards us from various types of viruses. With weak immune system we can get viruses easily. We can prevent cancer by taking good care of our health.

Treatment of cervical cancer:  Cervical cancer is divided into different stages. The treatment of cervical cancer is effective if it is detected in early stage. The treatment includes chemotherapy, surgery, radiation and removal of uterus or fallopian tubes and ovaries. If anyone can detect cancer in early stage than there are more chances to cure. According to the stages of cervical cancer, treatment is given to the patient. Mainly uterus, fallopian tubes or any other affected part is removed from body followed by chemotherapy.